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We are honored to meet you and to be present to serve.

We are here to share what we learned on our path to help you in your journey!

Start manifesting your dream life...


We would like to offer you support in the journey to the inner self in connection with the nature world and the Sacred Feminine and Masculine within. 


We start by healing and awakening the Higher Self.


On this walk, you will find ideas on how to meet the divinity within and connect with Earth and all its beings and gifts.


Remember to breathe deeply and feel your emotions so you can unblock energies, be grounded, and meet your divine light. 


Wish you a lovely journey to the inner sanctuary, your heart. 


May all beings be happy.

Remember who you are

We are biological and blood sisters, and we are honored to serve and share what we learned on our path to help you in your journey. We offer the following tools for your awakening process:

Online Sessions:  
Aura Reading, Channelings, Holistic Energy Sessions, Holistic Chakras Alignment and Cleansing, and Geomancy Sessions.

Tools that you can purchase for your daily practice, balance, and well-being: 
High Vibrational Mandalas, Lotus Light Beads, Orgones, Meditation and altar kits, Crystal Grids.

Meditation courses and Group reading on demand. Please get in touch by filling up our form. 



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High Vibrational Mandalas

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Learn More and

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Learn more about what are they and how to use them

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Projects we are currently exchanging energies in collaboration with other light beings.


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