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Spiritual growth, High Consciousness, and Understanding

Aura Reading is a profound tool for self-knowledge and communication from spirit to spirit, which brings awareness to our potentials, blocks, and dynamics.

Simple and easy, and very powerful, it brings a deep connection with our Essence.

What is the Aura?

It is the energy field that surrounds us. It contains information about our past and present, our gifts and potentials, as well as the interactions and relationships we have had throughout this and other lives.

As a library of human lives, in each book there is a story. A teaching to remember and to inspire us.

Through clairvoyance, clairaudience, and vision, information is captured in the aura to show what is important for the process of growth and transformation of the person being read. It brings clarity, understanding, energetic cleansing, and help us locate blockages and bring dormant information to consciousness.

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When an Aura Reading Session is recommended?

A session is recommended when you are looking for conscious clarity, understanding, energetic cleansing. The Aura Reading session is a complete set of informations that identify blockages and offer alternative views for your life path. It's a direct communication between your Higher Self and your Ego. The messages are channeled during the session. Through clairvoyance, clairaudience, and vision, information is imprinted in the aura and narrated by the channeler chakra by chakra.


Full Aura Reading

1 hour Session

🇧🇷R$ 441 

🇨🇦CAD 111

Sliding scale payments available please contact Heidi


Short Reading Session *

30 min Session

* only for those who already received a full reading 



🇨🇦CAD 36

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