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Chakra Color Orgones

Chakra Color Orgones By Camila Maciel

Light, Colors, and Waveforms for healing are available in many ways in nature.

"Orgone is omnipresent energy, cosmic energy found flowing throughout nature and in all living things. It is also known as prana, chi, qi, ma, kundalini, the life force energy. Man-made pieces of orgonite are a vehicle to channel this vital energy for the restoration of living systems. Orgonites are made with a combination of organic resin, precious metals, minerals, and crystals."

These Chakra Color Orgones set is made with white crystal quartz gemstones, it is meant to activate and balance one of the 7 chakras – for total alignment of your body supporting your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Choose your color and place your orgones on each corresponding chakra on your body as you rest and relax. Breathe and feel your body connecting with the "Sun Chakra" and let your body naturally align with the flow of energies that will naturally happen connecting you with "Earth Chakra".

Stay with your orgones as longer as you need. When you are finished open your eyes, hydrate, and be at peace.

Size: 1" (25 mm)

Height: 0.5" (15 mm)


- Copper

- Healing Stones - Quartz Crystal

- Mica Powder

- High-Quality Resin.

Set includes: 7 pieces of Organs one for each Chakra

Incense Holder

Tea Light Candle

Selenite Stick or Palo Santo (Please add information in your order)

Mandala Box

Chakra Orgone Set and Box made by Camila Maciel de Oliveira and Mandala Chakra designed by Heidi Hirano

Interested in a kit please email

May you Be Well!

In Love and Light


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