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Eletro Magnetic Field Shielding Cases - Cell Phones 1328.Earth

Electro Magnetic Field EMF Shielding Phone Cases


Nature has its biorhythm and timing frequency that humanity has largely deviated and disconnected from. When we return to Nature’s rhythm and frequency, we vibrate higher and regeneration occurs.

Shield yourself and your loved ones from the increasing electromagnetic smog we are exposed to with fibers woven with Stainless Steel Staticot TM. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you.

All of our cell phone cases are made with the greatest care and attention to detail. We use ethically-sourced and sustainably-produced materials to give you unique, quality items.

Shielding Material Details:


8 micron, 316L stainless steel twisted with cotton/poly

28% SS, 36% cotton and 36% polyester by wt

Yarn count: 21S * 21S,

Density: 110 * 72 (warp*weft per inch)

1000 Ohm per sq on the surface, great for static discharge and to make ground connections. Slightly attracted to a magnet and highly conductive.

Nearly 40 dB tested up to 40 GHz. 230g/m².

Other Materials:

100% Cotton/Linen Fabric by Renata Blanco, /Brazilian Fabric Design



7 1/2x 4 inches (18,5 x 10cm)

Made by Isabela from "Creating for You!"

All of our conscious accessories and "closer-to-my-body" supplies are handmade with the greatest care and attention to detail.


In Love and Light

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