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Moon Mandala (Mandala Lunar) - North Hemisphere

Moon Mandala 2024 – North Hemisphere ENGLISH

The Moon Mandala is a self guided journal that invites you in, to feel and to perceive the cycles of Nature, the Earth, the Moon and your body. It is a tool to support you connecting your inner and outer universe according to the cycles of Nature. In this Moon Mandala Journal you will connect with the ancestral and contemporary wisdom, inspiring watercolor paintings, and art by supporting your inner process of self-knowledge.

The Moonlightsisters is supporting the "Mandala Lunar" movement in the Pacific Northwest (US and Canada). We are a distributor of the English version (North Hemisphere). If you wish to have the Spanish or Portuguese Version please contact us.

To order your Moon Mandala please E-Mail:

  • Details: exterior fabric cover

  • Pages: 326

  • Dimensions: 5,9×7,4’’

  • Weight: 1,2 lb

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