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High Vibrational Mandalas

Start manifesting your dream life...

What is a Mandala?

The word Mandala in Sanskrit means circle. Mandalas are energy portals in geometric shapes, rhythms and fractals. Our ancestors, from different cultures and religions, used the power of mandalas and sacred geometry to reach higher states of consciousness and understanding. They can be used as forms of meditation, concentration, artistic expression, connection, and spiritual elevation.

It is also a way of remembering who we are, as they are in many elements of nature. A mandala can make us feel happier, calmer, concentrated because it's one of the many ways of being fully connected with the Universe.

How are they made?

The mandalas are channeled and painted by hand by the Art Therapist Heidi Hirano.

In order for this process to take place three steps are required to bring into the physical plane, the final design for the client.

  1. Cleansing methods are used to create a neutral energy field in preparation for the channeling such as Rose Meditation, Essential Oils, Mantras, incenses and crystals.

  2. After cleansing the room and the art therapist energies, through meditation, deep presence, and light beings protection the client’s energy and intention is channeled.

  3. After this first connection, a personalized handmade drawing is drafted, under a very subtle energy, bringing the awareness, memories, sensations, messages, and many other ways of expression to the paper. During this process colors, numbers, chakras, and healing points are accessed as the essential design.

  4. At last the final artworks transferred to the final media chosen by the client. See the options below. The client can choose to avoid certain colors. In this case, those colors are transmuted into similar ones or lines, keeping the intended energy in the final vibrational Mandala.

mandala Lis.jpeg

Types of Mandala

  1. UNIVERSAL MANDALAS are designed to support Humanity at large e.g.: love, forgive, evolution, ho'oponopono...

  2. MANDALAS FOR COMPANIES are designed to support energies in office spaces, for partnerships, etc.

  3. THEMATIC MANDALAS are designed to support specific topics such as Health, Finances, Prosperity, etc.

  4. RELATIONSHIP MANDALAS are recommended to support the relationship with husband/wife, partners, boyfriend/girlfriend... Recommended for long relationships without separation or divorced couples.

  5. FAMILY MANDALA are recommended to people who share the same household: husband/wife, son, daughter, grandparents, uncle, aunt etc.

  6. MANDALAS FOR BABIES are focused to access information from the baby to the parents, before or after birth.

  7. MANDALAS FOR TATTOOS are designed with lines, bringing the inspiration of the energy of the person to receive the tattoo.

  8. ANIMALS MANDALAS are focused on specific topics such as Health, Work, etc. and are recommended for those who have already received at least 1 general reading.

How to order your Personalized Mandala:


  1.  Fill out this form: 

  2. You'll receive an email confirming your order and price of the product

Where to find Universal Mandalas:

Go to our Etsy Store:

  • Paper 4.3" x 4.3"

    Paper sheet sizes: 4.3 x 4.3 inches (11x11cm)
    Valid for one week
    • High Vibrational Mandala Paper
  • Paper A4

    A4 11.69 x 8.27 inches (21x29.7cm
    Valid for one week
    • High Vibrational Mandala
  • Paper A3

    A3 11.69 x 16.53 inches (29.7 x 42.0cm
    Valid for one week
    • High Vibrational Mandala
  • Tattoos up to 4.7"

    Paper sheet colors: white Size options: up to 4.7 inc
    Valid for one week
    • High Vibrational Mandala for Tattoo
  • Tattoo 4.8" to 7.8"

    Paper 4.8 up to 7.8 inches (20cm)
    Valid for one week
    • High Vibrational Mandala for Tattoo
  • Mandala Dotting

    Mandala made on Wood.
    Valid for 3 months
    • High Vibrational Mandala
  • Digital Mandala

    Mandala delivered in JPEG or PNG.
    Valid for 3 months
    • High Vibrational Mandala
  • Canva 20"x 20"

    Mandala made on Canva.
    Valid for 3 months
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