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Current Programs

In 2024 we are entering a new phase of transitions on Earth.

We are creating and manifesting what our inner child dreams reveal aligned with the essence of our being.

This Program has 2 versions, Individuals and Families

Download your Full Program now by clicking on the image.





This printable file will offer your sheets to build your vision board, regulate your daily practice and support you in raising your vibration to manifest in the physical plane what you dream for your life.


This material was created with the intention of riding the energies of the Dragon symbol during the year of 2024. Manifest in your life with the power from within by adding focus, sacred order and universal direction to your spiritual Practice. Activate your Inner Process visualizing your North Star.


This is an inspiring tool to write and draw your feelings, impressions, insights and reflections after your meditations, experiences, Moon Rituals. Print the pages according to your needs or just browse as a reminder to keep your energy field in check and as you need it.


PDF - Letter size

36 Pagesor

38 PNG files


May your journey be light and peaceful!



Thank you


Lis Hirano Wittkamper


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