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The Lotus Light Beads is a sacred tool to achieve higher states of consciousness, wholeness and manifestation.

Beads are used since ancient times to connect the human soul to Wholeness with the natural beauty, sacred protection, and divine intention. As sacred energy enhancers, they are used for meditation and praying practices.

They are also called “Japa mala” – “The Meditation Garland of Love”, “Rosary” “The Garland of Roses” or "Shekinah or Shagina Prayer Beads". They support the human soul by raising the vibration of the subtle body when the user recites mantras or prayers. While its users intentionally connect with inner peace by chanting mantras and prayers, energy emanates from the subtle body, expands throughout the physical body, and reaches out to the vast immensity of the collective consciousness.

Our Lotus Light Beads contain multiples of 9 beads up to 108 beads in total and they empower spiritual practice when users repeat affirmations, prayers or mantras. When you wear the beads they protect your auric field and emanate positive energies while healing your body.

The beads are strung one by one with high intentions and purity of heart. The sacred mantra “I Am that I Am” is chanted.

The beads are a creation of the Cosmic Shekinah Light (The Dwelling of Divine Creation) that is channeled to support and protect the uniqueness of each soul. Shekinah is the embodiment of the light. She is in us; she is the Sacred Feminine. When a soul is reaching the sacred experience of Shekinah, space and heart-willingness infuse the soul. The soul reaches luminosity with white light and feels his or her true self.

The natural beauty, colors, and properties of gemstones, seeds, wood, glass, shells, and pearls optimize the energies to meet the needs of each individual. Each Shekinah bead supports healing within each energy center (Chakra System) of the subtle body when in touch with the physical body. 


OM. The first sacred sound of creation. The first form, vibration, expression, and power. The vibration sound of the mantra chanted. These all help to attune the mind and body thereby uplifting feelings of cleanness and purification.

The higher you hold your intentions through the practice of chanting mantras with Meditation or Prayer Beads, the higher will be the energy and outcomes that you can manifest.

Chanting mantras advance your spiritual progression (transcending into higher states of consciousness) and heal your physical and energetic bodies. By increasing your soul power, you manifest your true nature and therefore your dream life in alignment with all that it is around you thus ”Becoming One with All”:

1. Find a peaceful place where you can sit comfortably and breathe
peacefully three times. Check if you have any discomfort in your body and breathe into it until you feel it transmuted.

2. Hold your beads with your middle finger (Sky finger) and thumb (Earth Finger). The circle formed by your two fingers is the size of the tube where the “shakti”, “chi”, “prana” or “vital energy” passes through your spine as you activate your chakras and your whole body through intention and chanting. And avoid touching your Meditation Mala with your pointing finger (Fire finger).

3. Start by holding the first bead and chanting the mantra (Om, I am that I am, Om Mani Padme Hum, I am well ….) and move from one bead to the other.

4. When you meet the “meditation” bead you can pause for a short
meditation and receive messages from the subconscious mind.

5. Then you can continue to recite your mantra until the next
meditation” bead. Continue one more time until you complete the 108 beads.

6. When you complete the circle, you will meet the triangle (three connectors) of consciousness and unconsciousness, the Sacred Marriage connector that balances the Yin and Yang (Feminine and Masculine) energies.

7. Then you will continue the mantras going down the tail until you meet the flat bead representing the essential action of breathing (“All is Well”) and the circle bead representing “All is One”. The tassel represents the grounding and the roots returning to Mother Earth’s Womb.


For the complete activation of your system, continue using the Meditation Beads from the Tassel up to the circle as initially described.

Guide to Meditation with Beads

More Downloads for your Practice

At times we need help and support to go deeper into the knowledge that resides within. 

Peace, connection and love happens in the base of our heart. And from that state of being or feeling we can rise up to be more than we can imagine.

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Planning your life around what you truly are?

Download this planner to help your guide your Higher Self 

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