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We are Heidi and Lis.

We are biological and soul sisters in this lifetime.

We are honored to meet you and to be present to serve.

We are here to share what we learned on our path to help you in your journey!


Meet Heidi Hirano

Mandala Specialist & Aura Reader

Aura Reading and Mandala Therapist, Educator, Groups, and Graphic Facilitator, postgraduate in Cooperation Pedagogy and collaborative methodologies, born in São Paulo, SP, Brazil, lived in Auckland, NZ, and is now living in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Along with a career in Socio-Emotional Education and Affective Language Teaching, she became an Aura Reader, student, and Professor of Meditation of the Roses at School of Aura. It uses Essential Reiki, Circle Dances, and High Vibrational Mandalas in its practices and is part of the Art of Hosting, CNV, and Pedagogy of Cooperation communities.


Today, she dedicates herself to Aura Readings, Mandalas, Essential Oils, and Group Facilitation, to help people on the path of self-knowledge and connection with their true Self.

With Love and Light.

Meet Lis Hirano

Holistic Practitioner

I am a mother, an artist, a dreamer, and a passionate artist and activist who advocates for the vulnerable and innocent ones through love.

My purpose in life is to support people to live in harmony with themselves and our natural world. In my journey, I learned how people are suffering when they felt separated from their true nature.

As a human being my healing journey through motherhood led me to educate myself to nurture my own children's needs and of my family through arts, intuitive guidance and creation, and the healing arts.


My personal and professional life experiences led me to heal my past wounds and learn how to discern what it is my wound and what are humanity's wounds. And by consciously walking the path I was called to be at service. I studied architecture, urban design, social development, youth development, and a great variety of alternative healing arts. They included alternative practices and sacred knowledge connected with the Natural World such as Meditation of Life, Crystal & Sound Healing, Shamanism, Color Therapy, Reiki, Art Therapy, Sacred Geometry, Auto-Biography, Channeling, Chakra Healing, and Geomancy (healing the land).


When intention and self-care become a priority in one's journey everything you dream about to create becomes your reality And being present in the moment and grounded on Earth is the beginning of a New Era for All

Much love and Namaste


J. W.

“Two sisters, sitting and laughing true
Remembering their trip and the view
Books upon books, mandalas and malas
Business partners, branded elas
Husband's happy, waiting to reunite
Family's back together, later at night
What fun these visits, they make us see
Vancouver to Seattle, we are one family"

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