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We are here to support you in your journey to the inner self. As we connect with the nature world and the Sacred Feminine and Masculine within, we heal and awake the Higher Self.  

Wish you a lovely journey to the Inner sanctuary, your Heart. 

  • Self Knowledge , Awareness and Communication from Spirit to Spirit

    1 hr

    111 Canadian dollars
  • For those who already received a Full Aura Reading before

    30 min

    60 Canadian dollars
  • Handcraft and personalized Mandala for You!

    8 hr

    Starting at 60

We are living a very unique time.

Filled with unprecedented opportunities to evolve as body and spirit.

Our new crystalline body is evolving into a new era of peace, love and compassion. 

First we take care of our body, heart and mind. 

The New Human Being is here!

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